Finally, an easy way to work with your frame-based (RAW DNG, JPG) footage or image sequences!

RAW 4 PRO makes video proxies that you can play, edit, and catalog anywhere! … while keeping your precious DNG originals.

– Works on-location or in a studio.
– Converts your RAW video to HD previews with perfectly synchronized timecode and audio
– Converts your JPG or RAW timelapses to HD video – quickly visualize what you actually shot! …with the ability to set your own video frame rate (great for time-lapse previews)
– Exclusive: outputs in true Cineform RAW! (or debayered, if the source is JPG). Even Davinci cannot do that, but RAW 4 PRO can.
– Detects and Offloads all your RAW or JPG-sequence folders from your card or hard drive
– Process a selected single RAW/JPG folder (offload/conversion) or all folders in a Batch mode
– Install it on ANY numver of PCs on your network for increased productivity
– No fancy PC requirements – most any Windows PC will do.
– Immediate delivery link by email after you make a successful payment
Note: we can output Cineform RAW – not even Adobe CC or DaVinci could do this, they only output debayered Cineform at best. We gladly offer you this functionality, thanks to Cineform for RAW 4 PRO