Welcome to PC Part Find!

I'm working to make a great website that has a Clear, Accurate, and Intuitive filter system so you can find you next PC Case (and other parts in the future) with ease!

Guess what? ... You can help!

Building this website is a long process since there is a lot of information to gather, verify, and then present in a clean, intuitive manner but I am going to make it happen. While I do know what category of computer components I plan to be to making available first - PC Cases - I don't know which brands I should do first + what features you would like to see on the product info pages.
Currently I would like to include all of the Specs for the case laid out in a nice, easy to read fashion and also to include links to all the video and text reviews for the product and links for purchasing and comparing prices.

Let me know in the survey what you think of the idea and if there is anything in particular you'd like to see. Thank you very much for your help!

Click here to take the short SurveyIt's not live just yet tho πŸ™

Progress on setting up the System


In the mean time...

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Nothing else to say really. I hope you have a rest of your day!! πŸ™‚